View Poll Results: Do you have a worse signal than your last Sprint phone?

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  • Yes, but I do not seem to drop calls.

    7 11.48%
  • Yes, I drop less than half of my calls.

    25 40.98%
  • Yes, I cannot use my Pre as a phone at all.

    5 8.20%
  • No, can't say there is a problem.

    24 39.34%
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    I have seen lots of people complain about their signals on the Pre. I have terrible signal compared to my centro. Hopefully we can get lots of responses to this poll to see how bad of an issue it is.
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    Actually I drop calls more than half the time but there was not a option for that
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelrj View Post
    Actually I drop calls more than half the time but there was not a option for that
    I kinda meant for the 3rd option to encompass that.
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    I have a Pre but it's not activated. That won't stop me from saying ANY phone I've had so far has had ****ty reception in my room or it's just worthless to start with.

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    Bump, anyone else. Is it possible to get this stickied?
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    this phone does everything...everything but make and receive calls!!!!

    this is very frustrating! i never had a dropped call in this area on my old phone. my wife's blackberry 8330 will have full bars right next to my phone - yet mine was on ZER0.

    i can't beleive that more people aren't having this problem. i am actually considering adding line to my account and getting a regular old crap phone so that i don't miss business calls when they are transferred from my office.

    terrible, terrible, terrible!!!!!
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    My Signal jumps all over the place 5 bars, 2 bars, 1x, Roam. Calls don't get dropped too often, but quality can be an issue.
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