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    New Pre owner in a day here. Shipped today, get it tomorrow according to UPS. With all the talk I see about WebOS 1.2 due out soon, will it matter if I play with apps and the like beforehand? Or should I leave the phone mostly as-is until the 1.2 hits?
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    Go ahead and play with the apps, the update won't affect your data.
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    Palm app store is safe and so is homebrew apps installed via quick install
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    Play with the apps and if things fail you can always re-image it to bring it back to the original state.
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    Sweetness! It arrived today, and looking at the homebrew apps install, I have to say, I laughed quite a bit at "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" as the code to get to the developer screen. Somebody at Palm is apparently a Nintendo fan, or just has a gamer sense of humor.
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    That code was awesome on contra.

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