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    I just saw a commercial for the new ipod Nano and how it can shoot video and it got me thinking, what will it take to enable the Pre to shoot video?

    From everything I've read, the Pre has the hardware and ability to shoot video and just needs the proper coding, update, or whatever to make this happen. Admittedly, I know absolutely zero about programming, coding, etc., and that's why I'm here. Since the Pre has the hardware to shoot video, is there some type of homebrew app that can make the Pre shoot video?
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    There's been talk that the Pre will get video recording ability in some upcoming update. We just don't know when, but supposedly, it is coming.
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    Yup. It's called preNano. It costs around 150 bucks though. Plus side is it has an FM tuner.

    Unfortunately palm rejected it from the app store because they are trying to keep the platform back.
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    There have been so many times when I could've used video on the Pre. I really hope they bring video to the Pre soon.
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    There was a thread a while back in the WebOS Development forum where someone had figured out how to get some video. I don't know what happened to it, but I assume he never got it to work quite right since I haven't seen a homebrew app for it.
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    With the battery life on this thing, I couldn't imagine using it for videos.
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    We had video ten years ago on Treo's, it's time we get video. I need video.
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    Yea, I'd like to know what it takes to get video on the Pre also. I figured, with all the apps and tweaks out, someone would have figured out something by now. But someone mentioned to me that Palm needs to develop a driver for that so..... yea, maybe they have it on their upcoming feature list somewhere....

    Rumored to be in the 1.2 update, maybe their are waiting on thta development and delayed the release, probably along with iTunes breaking, but eff dat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    We had video ten years ago on Treo's, it's time we get video. I need video.
    Ten years ago? BS. Don't get me wrong, smartphones have had them for a while, but lets not exaggerate. The Treo 600 was the first Treo to get video recording, and even that wasn't at its initial release, special software had to be released for that as well.

    In other words, more like 5-6 years ago than 10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dellibedaboss View Post
    Rumored to be in the 1.2 update
    I've seen you claim this a few times, and NO, it has never been rumored that 1.2 would include video recording. If the feature is so important to you that you need it now, then you shouldn't get/ keep a Pre. It'll be a ways down the road before they get to APIs for video recording, I'd bet.

    There is a setup in the Linux underneath that allowed someone to record video, but that's not something that will be easily made into an application.
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    The way I've seen the video on the pre is basically like stop motion animation--just pictures taken one after the other but thats all i've heard as far as video

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