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    Last night I noticed that my text messages weren't being saved in the conversation tab, which pops up when you open the messaging app. This is a new issue, never had it happen before. Have any of you?

    Any sugestions? This is making me angry.
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    same exact thing has been happening to me lately! i can't stand it.. sometimes i'll just swipe away my text notification, then open it at a later time to catch up only to find a bunch of missing text conversations.. very annoying
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    I'm considering doing a full erase to see if this corrects the issue. Its driving me crazy!
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    Same thing happens on my phone too! I noticed it started to happen when I deleted some conversations, then when I get a text from the person I deleted its not there. The only way I can find it is by searching for there name. So annoying!
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    ^ That's EXACTLY what I did...deleted some convos and then that's when I noticed it, too. I just did a full erase and I think it is corrected. Thank goodness for Palm Profile backup.
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    Yes, it's been reported. It has something to do with linking AIM contacts. For now the only way to resolve the issue is a partial or full erase. I've done it to my wife's Pre so I know it works. However when I recently tried deleting a conversation on mine (a really long one with the wife), I had the disappearing bug too right after the delete (I knew what to watch for). Waited a half hour to give the Pre time to properly delete the conversation and tested it and everything was fine. The caveat in this case is that I removed AIM from contacts sync and deleted unlinked AIM contacts.
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