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    So I recently went to Best Buy (in my local mall) to check out the Palm Pre, and was surprised that the only Pre's they had on display were fake (they had a picture of the dialer app on the screen). I thought this was maybe just Best Buy's policy (makes no sense) so I walked to the other side of the mall and looked in the Sprint Store. The Sprint store had the same exact "fake" Pre.

    I am just curious if this is the case everywhere? I just want to play with a damn Pre! I am hoping the rumors are true and that Verizon gets their version in 2010.
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    All the Sprint stores and Best Buys around here have the real thing. You lucked out. They definitely have real models for you to try out at some stores. I know at the Sprint stores I've asked to try out phones they didn't have a display of and they gladly pulled one out from the back for me.
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    I encountered the same thing, but the sales rep was perfectly happy to pull out a working demo model for me to play with when I asked.

    They put fake ones up for the obvious reason that it would be FAR to easy to steal the demo otherwise.
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    Directly from my buddy whose an assistant store manager at a corp. sprint store in our mall

    "You'll find non-functional demos out in stores that have either had excessive theft and/or within proximity to a store and/or stores that have had excessive theft. If someone really want's to demo a "high-end" phone, they just have to ask a member of the staff and we'll let them check it out."
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    just ask someone if you can see the real one most of the time they have one you can mess with put away
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Is that why i cant get my phone dialer to go away?
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    Thanks for the responses.

    The most obvious thing to do would have been to ask, but I went to the mall with a couple of friends and I am sure they didn't want to stand around while I got my nerd on.

    Anyway, next time I go I will have to ask.

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    I was able to play with a Pre that was on display at my local Sprint Store. I made the purchase at Best Buy. I was lucky there, because Palm had a rep in the store that demonstrated her Pre for me. However, the display at Best Buy was a fake.
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    For the most part then the less durable a product is the less likely you see a working demo. People are jerks and a slider like the pre or touch pro usually end up broken within a week and in the end a broken demo deters sales.
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    It's funny, I've picked up these "fake" phones at almost every store I pass them in just to see if they wobble a bit like mine. Some do a little, but none really bad. The two Best Buy's I've went in have a total of 5 fake units and all of them were rock solid. If my pre was like that I would recommend this phone to everyone I know without the little addendum I have to add now.
    it's made me wonder how real these fake phones are and if anyone actually has one with a slider so tight. I'd kill for one of those.
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    Locally they're all fake unless it's the actual Sprint store. Which is super dumb.
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    I remember going into an AT&T place when they first came out and they wouldn't let you touch an iPhone until they told you all the extra expense it was going to cost and if you were still interested they would pull one out from under a glass globe. I definitely walked out of that store quickly.
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    When my folks were looking at phones they only stores in town that had working phones were the sprint stores. But the one they went too had a lot of the phones stolen right off the display that day.

    So I don't see why you all think it's stupid not to put working phones out on display. Too many people these days will try anything to make a buck.

    And there will always be that sucker on craigslist who will buy it from them.

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