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    Yeah I have def noticed that ..I also noticed some weird distortion thing when I was talking to someone using the speaker phone. Its kind of annoying. The person on the other end did not hear it.
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    Just to add to what's already been said...yep!
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    sprint navigation is pretty distorted too. I played it through aux jack and it even played distorted on my car stereo.
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    Yea, I have the same issue. I've had several phones and this is the first one I can't put on my shoulder and talk. I have to use a tape measurer at work and tell someone on the phone what the measurment is. Impossible to do with this flaw.
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    Does anyone else get distortion while 'covering the mic with your face' with the phone on your shoulder while talkin.
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    Have noticed as well. Concluded that somehow it's perhaps the extra slight pressure & stress being put on the Pre. Beyond that I don't know.
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    my wife hates it when i do this because it sounds awful
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    I actually had the phone 6 inches away on speaker phone and I was getting distortion. I def notice it more when i put the phone to my ear. I hope this is fixable, as it is extremely annoying.
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    Hahah I did this on the phone earlier and my friend asked me if I was holding my phone on the inside of my mouth.
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    It came in handy when I was asking for the ransom the other day. Didn't even have to use a sock this time
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