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    So I purchased a pre off ebay and activated it on my plan. They told me to turn my pre on and then sprint would activate it. Well it turned on but I never saw anything like the screens here:

    When I turned my phone on it went directly to the palm profile creation. It won't let me create a profile and I wasted around 2 hours so far talking to sprint who says that the phone won't work.

    Is there a program or something I can use to flash this phone back to completely 100% manufacturers default so it will actually go through the activation process?
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    If the phone was stolen and as such reported the ESN is locked and the phone is useless... I would have asked for the ESN before purchase and verified with Sprint that its not stolen and active

    you could try webosdoctor to repair it, if its a system issue, but if its the ESN, you're screwed
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    No the esn is clean; the phone is on my account now. The problem is the seller did a reset but allowed the phone to reactivate on his plan without creating a profile. So now when I turn it on the phone won't activate under my credentials and is stuck at the profile screen.
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    I had the same issue. I activated on launch day but then ported out. I still kept the phone and recently trued to reactivate it.

    It went straight to the Palm Profile creation step like your phone, but would not let me create or sign in. Error was it could not connet to the Netowkr make sure you have coverage.

    So I called Sprint and got patched through to thier smartphone tech support or something like that. He had me push some buttons, enter some numbers, and reset something. Once I did that it connected and worked. Good Luck.
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    Can you not reset it again as he did or is the phone seemingly stuck in limbo
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    Finally got it to work by using the ##RTN# with my MSL. Now it's hanging while activating. I called up the local sprint store to ask if they had issues activating palm pres and he said that it can take up to an hour because we're still 1x. ugh....

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