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    Hi all,

    After three months and more hassles than I can count, I've finally (!) migrated all of my contacts and calendar events from my old Palm Desktop 6.2 over to Google, and therefore onto my Palm Pre. That's the good news.

    The bad news is that, in the process of trying unsuccessfully to migrate my data over the last three months, I've accumulated many years' worth of duplicate/triplicate/etc. calendar entries on the Pre (and on my Palm Profile) that I now want to get rid of (I'm hoping they're the reason my calendar is unusably slow). So:

    1) Is there any way to simply eliminate the Palm Profile, and be backed up only to Google? Because if I'm automatically backing my Pre up to Google, the automatic back-up to Palm Profile is purely redundant, right?

    2) Assuming I can't eliminate the Palm Profile outright, does wiping my Palm Profile and starting again seem like the right move, or a big mistake?

    3) How do I do that (wipe my Palm Profile and start again)?

    4) What will I lose on my Pre by doing this? All my photos, memos, and apps? Not the end of the world, but it would be good to know.

    5) Once I'm rebooted or whatever, will my Pre automatically sync to my Google calendar and contacts, both of which are finally completely correct and updated... or will it erase those to "match" my empty Pre?

    6) Assuming my Pre then syncs everything properly from Google, that's the only info that will get backed up to my Palm Profile at that point too, right?

    Many, many thanks to anyone who can help. I know some parts of this have been addressed elsewhere, but I can't seem to find concise, clear answers to all of them. I truly appreciate it.
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    As far as deletng the palm profile, it doesn't look like you can do that in calendar...however, I have experience w/google calendar on the pre and now that you fixed everything with your google calendar, everything will show back up on your pre if you reset it (google calendar/contacts). I believe if you reset your pre (not your palm profile) all of your apps are reinstalled because of your palm profile, so I assume if you are able to wipe your palm profile you will lose all apps and data (photos, memos, music, etc...). You might try calling palm support about the profile questions, they are very willing to help with these pre issues! Sorry I can't help more!
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    You may want to export your Google stuff to a CSV file before you do anything. That way if Google does delete, you can re-import from your stuff from the files. My friend with a Samsung Omnia did wipe his phone for an OS update and when he synced back with Google, everything deleted. CYA just to be safe.

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