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    sorry if this is in the wrong forum but im trying to download the flashlight app and i did but it said it requires the prelease flashlight service to runs so i deleted the flashlight app to download this one first and when i hit install on flashlight service it says "flashlight service requires a script to be executed after installation. If you wish to view the script that is going to be executed, click the 'view' button below and so on and so one. i click OK and then install and it says error installing. anyone go through this b4 or kno what to do? thanks
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    not real sure what to do in that situation... try posting this on webos development forum, people there will be able to give you the answers probably... only advice i can give is try using webos quick install from your desktop and load it on that way? thats prolly no help though, sorry
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    Im pretty sure that it requires system services that an early release installed... Also, unless things changed, the installation of those services required your phone to be rooted
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    Delete both, DL the service first(sometimes it will fail a few times so keep trying) after it successfully installs, install the actual flashlight app. Good luck, hope this helps.

    EDIT: all using "preware"
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    I would just say make sure you are in dev mode, then use quick install to install them both just make sure the service is on the top of the list. This App so far is my favorite app on the phone.

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