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    A funny story..........

    A co worker of mine was a Sprint customer and they recently switched to ATT to get the Iphone....Supposedly because ATT has all the cool phones.

    I walked over to his cube and he was showing off his Iphone...

    I have to admit that the Iphone is faster than the Pre (OS speed). Or at least it seems like it.

    I then asked him to show me a youtube video. I simply wanted to check out the video quality between the two.

    He tried and failed to get anything data connection. Youtube was just spinning trying to load the main pain.. It was probably using the Edge non-3g network.

    I finally told him to connect to my Pre's WIFI network.

    He looked at me in amazement.

    I turned on the WIFI and he was able to connect and access youtube in less than 10 seconds.

    Then he tried to view a video and was amazed at the speed and even after I turned off the WIFI on my Pre..he was still able to see the entire video....indicating that his Iphone had already downloaded the entire video.

    He was amazed and then felt like he was ripped off with his new toy.

    I was rather impressed...because his Iphone seemed to utilize the internet connection from my Pre more efficiently......
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    My experience as well...I-phones love sprints network in Rochester NY!
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    LOL i have similar story, my buddy queued up some tv episodes from the itunes store on his iphone...they wouldn't download, i said it was probably because he wasn't on wifi and was on only 3g which ATT doesnt allow. I turned on my wifi, he connected and began downloading, I then noticed the episode where approx 600mb and I said you aren't capping out my data for your silly iphone and immediately disable wifi tether lol!

    P.S. All my iphone friends tethering got disabled in the 3.1 update, SOL! lol
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    That's exactly how I live my life now. Sprint 3G service is 100x better than ATT, but in comparing the iPhone vs the Pre then most of my phonelife still revolves around iPhone features/apps that the Pre simply can't do. So I use my Pre for the basic tasks (phone/text/GPS) an tether in the iPhone for everything else (HomeSurfing/PIM/ToDo/Media/Facebook/Games/PhotoEditing/Twitter/Email/Banking/Shopping/VNC/Etc). If I ever lose tethering then I'm losing out on 75% of my daily workflow so hopefully Palm gets quicker on these updates and I can stop relying on a 2nd device so much.

    The Pre is an okay smartphone but what really puts it over the top (and has kept me around for a decade) is Sprint service.
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    So how did playing the video on the iPhone via your Pre compare with viewing it jsut on the Pre?
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    hahaha yeah... i have both an iphone and a palm pre. i can't stand the web browsing on the iphone. its soooooo slooooooow. yeah, the pages look prettier at times, but thats after an average of 15 seconds extra per page!! WHILE ON 3G!! AFTER THE 850 SPECTRUM SUPPORT 3G!! no excuses here.. the palm pre really does kick iphone 3GS ***. iphones suck hard in the bay area....
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    This is hilarious to read....
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    Yeah people tend to **** bricks when I tell them my phone is a wifi hotspot... It's not even that uncommon, as I recall plenty of old WinMo phones can do this, too.
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    I was driving around w/ my daughter the other day, and she was bummed that she couldn't use her WiFi-only iPod Touch. I pulled out the Pre, fired up MyTether, and she logged right on.

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