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    So I was just using my Pre when i saw a message saying restore require giving me no other options other then ok. I know that I didn't accidently trigger the remote wipe from EAS given that I am the admin of that system.

    Only things i have done on the phone was a couple of homebrew apps, most recently I was playing around with the battery monitor.

    Any one have any thoughts on what may have caused this?
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    On a wierder note, I just completed the restore and no data was deleted
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    Did it actually say "restore require" or was it perhaps "restart required"?
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    I know for certain it said restore, It warned me that I would need to provide my palm username and password to recover my backup.

    When it came up it had me go through first bootup process, checked the activation, etc
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    I Just had the same thing happen. Now Most of my Apps are gone and all old text msgs are gone as well. I have had my Pre since Oct last year, and this is the first time this has happened. The only weird thing is that a txt from a facebook update came thru about the same time that the "restore required" warning came up. Any help or answers would be appreciated.
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    I had the same happen to me yesterday. I was trying to update the messaging plugins from 2.3 to 2.4. Should have just left it alone as it was working.

    Luckily I had install Pre Backup utility with one backup point. Took a while but the restore from backup worked on the third try.

    Now Preware doesn't show any of my patches even though they are installed and working, and only a few apps, even though I have loads of apps. WebOSQI also shows nothing installed.
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    That happen to me to! after my phone crashed from watching a video... i got that msg... but I have a brand new Pre... got it replaced lol
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    It's no laughing matter.

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