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    For those of you who have had your Pre for 30 days or more now. All opinions are welcome.

    As for myself, I've had it for just over 30 days and have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it's functionality and potential capabilities, however it's greatly offset with negatives such as inconsistent charging, flimsy hardware (loose slider) and other things.
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    i love my issues at all and ive had it since launch replacements or nothing
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    I absolutely love mine!
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    Got mine on launch day, still have it, still love it
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    Love the screen. Love the keyboard. Love homebrew. Love the browser. Love the Touchstone.

    Like WebOS. Like the email and messaging apps.

    Hate the flimsy slider. Hate the calendar and task apps.

    That about sums it up. If I had it to do over again, I would have stuck with the Centro until WebOS was better sorted out, and until Palm redesigned the slider mechanism.
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    Totally happy with mine. Had same one since launch day.

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    Love it. I think it's a great device for my needs. It could be better in some ways, but I'm very pleased with it. I got mine on launch day, and I have found that the first couple of weeks were the hardest--I actually thought about returning it--but as time went on I became more and more accustomed to it. Homebrew and precentral have made it a lot more fun.

    I also really love the drama around the device. I've found it all very entertaining. As such, I've bought into not just the device but a reality show starring Jon Rubinstein and Steve Jobs.
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    Phone seems to be fine, the accessories however seem to be falling apart for me though. The stock usb cable recently tore open at the mircousb end, and my AC adapter is having trouble keeping contact at outlets now. Other than that the phone has been pretty solid, every new update brings something new to the table.
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    absolutely love
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    Love it, but considering the Hero as well.
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    I was ok with my pre when I had the stock battery... I am extremely happy with my pre, and would not think about getting rid of it now that I have the seidio 2600 battery.. I can actually use the phone to its full potential now without fear of it dying!!!
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    Less satisfied every day.

    I don't care about the drama or the "Team Palm" nonsense. This is a tool not a relationship so when it does its job then I don't give it a celebratory pat on the back. But when it fails to do a task then I shake my head and say WTF.

    Its definitely an impressive OS and I've always loved sprint service but we need faster updates. (Both software AND hardware because I don't see this cheap plastic lasting 2 years)
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    I love my issues at all and i had it since Aug no replacements for iphone
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    Love the phone. If they can address the UI sluggishness I'll be overjoyed.
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    On my 3rd and final one. I'm dissatisfied with the device, and will love, love, LOVE the OS when it's finished and paired with decent hardware.
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    I'm not thinking of any other smartphone right now. I love my Pre.
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    I love the Pre. I have had the same phone since launch.
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    I love it besides some of the lag like Dogears mentioned. Is the UI something that could be improved through an update or would it have to be a hardware fix? If they can make the phone faster through an update, I REALLY hope they do or the Hero might be my next phone.
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    It's not prefect, but it's perfect for me.
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    Love it, absolutely love it!! But, Iím also carrying my Treo 680 around for those things I cannot do on the Pre yet.
    Bought mine initially day came out but had to return as battery charging issue (my fault). Sprint was SUPER!!
    Use touchstone at home and plug in at work so power not issue, but could be. Everything is turned off but do have e-mail via Gmail as soon as it arrives. Have a spare battery if necessary (Sprint again, being nice). Purchased a spare battery charger from Precentral store.
    Have used Chapuraís pocket mirror which works okay but when went to purchase on my Pre, was not able to do so due to the way Chapura has it setup. Really bummed about that. Especially dislike the way tasks are handled as I use Tasks constantly. Waiting for this to be corrected either by Palm or Soft Dev.
    Have used the Sprint Navigation quite frequently and while it seems to lose the signal in the city sometimes (tall buildings?) it gets me where I need to be.
    Finally installed some Homebrew and most things seem okay, though I must admit the main reason I installed these items was Preware(?) app which allows you to put your e-mail and pdfís in landscape mode. Do not understand why this wasnít like this from the get go.
    Alarm @ clock is great. You Tube is really nice.
    Enough of my rambling, just suffice to say Iíve been waiting a LONG time for Palm to come out with something (I started with a Handspring) and itís finally here. Itís not perfect but I believe itís far better than anything out there including an iPhone. (I own an iPod, but never an iPhone!!)
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