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    loven it. Bought a pixi too!
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    Very !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    its an amazing device the more I use it the more I relize how much more balanced it is compared to the competition. The savings alone is worth staying with the pre and sprint. We have 2 pres and 2 pixis in our family being able to share the touchstones is a big plus as well.
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    Great device , obviously has short comings but with the ability to manipulate this device with GREAT patches I have no complaints. I have more patches than apps installed 5 - 1.

    Very happy

    Would be sweet if there was a patch to utilize the pre as a .380
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    When I purchased it in June, I hated it. Now, I've kinda adapted to it. The calender still sucks, but I've accepted it, and dealt with it. The phone has grown on me.
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    There things I love the more I use the Pre:

    Card based multitasking and gestures
    Synergy and linkages between calendar, contacts and email/phone/messaging Synergy and linkages between calendar, contacts and email/phone/messaging
    Apps: Pandora, MyQ for NetFlix, Flixster, Scoop, AccuWeather, YouTube, GoogleMaps (and Remote is promising)

    The things that I hate the more I use the Pre (this is where I miss my Treos):

    slider drives me crazy
    keyboard: still haven't adapted
    screen is too darn small

    Things the have just started irritating me:

    non-responsive GUI -- phone is especially bad, but email, calendar are also too sow
    Sprint service at my house: too many dropped calls (I just moved the rest of the family to Verizon and waiting for them to support the Pre)

    At this point I am completely sold on WebOS. I have absolutely no interest in the primitive user interface of the iPhone or the train wreck on the Droid. I am however looking forward to the day that I can get a "full-size Pixi" on Verizon and some WebSO updates to fix the general GUI responsiveness.
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