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    Bought one opening day, no issues at all and loved the updated feel and operation in relation to my treo 755.

    Gave that one to me son and went without for a few months due to work but could not and will not use a BB as my primary personal phone - I hate that thing, it feels archaic after using the Pre'.

    Everything I do on the Pre' seems intuative, elegant and easy.

    I'm not the power user some here are so even though the calendar and task list are minimalist, they work okay for me.

    I'm kind of a gadget freak so......I find myself playing with the Pre' a lot even though there is nothing I need to do with it a good portion of the time. As phones go it's satisfying to fidget.
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    I'm satisfied with my 4th Pre, so far. 08/14 build.
    Floren Munteanu
    why queued - My blog
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    I've had my Pre since 7/1 and have been loving it ever since. The device has it's faults but the benefits far outweigh the downsides.
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    I hope Sprint carries the Storm2...I've had the pre for a few months and I already wished I had my storm back...the Pre just isnt for me...
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    My family has 3 pre's, 2 on release day, 1 two weeks old. We love our pre's and have had zero problems with any of them (no oreo, speed problems). In fact, my son texted over 10,000 times last month and hasnt had a problem. I personally have dropped mine about 4 or five times expecting a problem, but nope, nada, zilch!

    We love our pre's, the only problem is that my 2 youngest ones want one but are not eligible.

    Phones in the family

    pre, pre, pre, Centro, Rant
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    @ fpizzojr ^^^agreed...
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    Got the phone on day 1 and really felt disappointed! I mean it looks greats and acts good, but I didn't feel like it was all that smart for a Smartphone. The phone has potential, but I didn't want to wait a year for it to catch up to my Treo!

    The Homebrew section saved me from getting absolutely frustrated!
    Thanks to all the developers!! (esp FileCoaster, Quick Call, Stopwatch, My Notifications and all the games!)

    I like the Pre more and more now, but I just ran into the "can't install any more apps" wall. I'm keeping the phone- just hope there is better support by Palm/Sprint soon!
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    I've had my Pre for 32 days now.
    Here's my assesment:

    I spend an awful lot of time customizing it for my preference, rooting it, adding and deleting applications, tweaking it. It's almost too much time spent on this. However with that said, hopefully in the near future with faster updates for WebOS new features will be implemented which won't need us to perform the tweaks. This is a must! Email is currently the big usage for me and compared to Chatteremail it is lacking in features and speed of reading/updating. I'm hoping that they add Chatteremail's functionality in the mail client very soon. I am really happy with the base WebOS for stability. My Pre has not crashed much at all. Another big plus in is the Web browser ability, supporting Javascripting, many of the web2.0 stuff. I am able to work on my work web applications from the Pre. I couldn't do that before with the Palm Centro as it was too small, didn't support JavaScripting. It was only good for reading some stuff on the web, the Opera mini browser loooked good however always locked up on the Palm OS. I like the size of the Pre with a fairly large display, however small enough to go in the pocket or in my carrying pouch on my belt without being disruptive in my movement. The design is cool and l like the slide out keyboard keeping the size small. The negative is that I've heard that the sliding of the keyboard comes loose with some other users. Mine has a little bit of movement sideways, though not a big deal.
    Applications I use, GoogleMaps which works great and even better than the Palm Centro version.
    I love the pinch gesture, scrolling is cool but is it really necessary? Jumping to a certain letter with a keyboard shortcut would be a good feature to add.

    There are things still missing like highlighting text not in a text field and cut and pasting them in to a text editable area is necessary.

    One thing I do miss... the Opera Wand (which saves web login ID and Passwords), however I would like it if we could have it as a fingerprint recognition thing. The problem with the wand is if you lose the phone.. well someone else could use your wand and get access to your secure information.

    Battery lifetime is a big drawback, however getting used to the limitation is something I've gotten used to and having multiple charging capabilities, like my laptop, car charger, wall charger all help.

    Waiting for my Airave to be received so I can start using my phone at home.
    So far I'm pretty impressed and only time can tell. Keep telling others to buy the Pre and that will hopefully get more users and more developers will come and develop the apps on the Pre. This is a decent business smartphone with lots of consumer extras!

    Homebrew, QuickInstall are a couple of apps which really help in the short term!

    Bottom line: Patience and don't expect the Pre to cure all of your ails or have all of the features the iPhone has from the beginning.
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    well im pretty happy with my 5th pre (7/4 build date) because theres very little to no oreo, no major dead pixels, no light leaks, no screen discolorations when charging, etc. (all issues i had in the past 4 pre's). the phone itself is fabulous and the amount i pay per month for what i get is WAY better than what i was paying for my blackberry bold on AT&T (:
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    Less satisfied than at first. Apps are slow in coming, hate the slider aspect of it (i.e., miss the open keyboard from Palms of old). OS can be nice once kinked out, but... Been with it since day 1 of launch.
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    I would have returned the phone already without the homebrew on this site. So I guess I owe all of you thanks!

    WebOS is amazing and I love being able to type to get to what I want quickly.

    Small keyboard, no virtual
    battery sucks beyond anything I've ever had
    copy/paste is a not at all
    cant save images/download anything

    EDIT: I've had mine since day three, had to wait for sprint to ship mine to me so YAY.
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    Had some issues but still love this phone!
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    I haven't had any luck with a good built Pre. Going to pick up an exchange somewhat this weekend, hopefully it's a good one. It'll be my third Pre.
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    I'm content with it, and hopeful about improvements in the things I don't like.

    Things I do like:
    1) Screen and browser software are marvelous.
    2) Automatic backup of most of my data wirelessly.
    3) Pandora.
    4) Battery life, now that I've upgraded to the Seidio 2600 battery.
    5) I liked the size a lot originally, but with the 2600 battery, size is now merely "okay".

    Things I don't like:
    1) PDA functionality is FAR inferior to my Palm V in 1998!*
    2) It can be herky-jerky and laggy, especially when surfing internet*
    3) Bugginess of Sprint Navigation*
    4) Numerous small shortcomings, for instance in phone application no easy way to tell whether you are calling someone's mobile, work, or home number. Copy and paste is another obvious one!*
    5) Touch screen isn't nearly as durable as my old Treo, and already has one permanent scar on it. I've resisted the various screen covers, but may have to relent before it is too late.
    6) Signal strength when browsing is awful compared to my Treo. Poor reception. I don't really notice this with voice
    7) I can't be as precise with the touch screen and a finger as I could with a stylus

    The asterisks on 4 of the above 7 items mean that I have hopes these will be fixed or at least improved by software/firmware patches.

    I originally didn't like the super-slick exterior, and lived in constant fear I'd drop the thing, but this is mostly fixed by the grippy replacement battery cover supplied with my 2600 battery.

    Things I'm indifferent about, they are tolerable but not great:

    1) Keyboard
    2) Slider
    3) Apps--I'm patient with the new OS and phone, but not endlessly patient.

    I'll keep it for a year, then be eligible to upgrade. I'll re-examine my options at the time.
    Mike B in OKlahoma

    Palm V-->Palm Vx-->Palm m505-->Garmin iQue3600-->Treo 650-->Treo 755p-->Palm Pre

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    I got my Pre a week after its official launched, and its OK. I still have it is because it was a gift from the wife. I give it a 6 out of 10, but the night is still young. I would rather have a Curve, but what can you do...

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    I love my Pre! I just wish it hadn't fallen out of two different holsters onto concrete already. Luckily I have the $7 mo. protection but not the $100 needed to get it replaced. All in due time........
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    Quote Originally Posted by notaphonegeek View Post
    My family has 3 pre's, 2 on release day, 1 two weeks old. We love our pre's and have had zero problems with any of them (no oreo, speed problems). In fact, my son texted over 10,000 times last month and hasnt had a problem. I personally have dropped mine about 4 or five times expecting a problem, but nope, nada, zilch!

    We love our pre's, the only problem is that my 2 youngest ones want one but are not eligible.

    Phones in the family

    pre, pre, pre, Centro, Rant
    How is your signal? Do any of you drop calls?
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    LOVE it! Small issues that I know will be fixed someday but.... im patient. =) Let's Go PALM!!!

    - Calendar optimization and open the catalog and submissions so we can see OODLES of Apps pouring in, I'll be a guinea pig to test them ALL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    Phone seems to be fine, the accessories however seem to be falling apart for me though. The stock usb cable recently tore open at the mircousb end, and my AC adapter is having trouble keeping contact at outlets now. Other than that the phone has been pretty solid, every new update brings something new to the table.
    I am having the same issue with the AC adapter not keeping contact at the outlet too. Very frustrating at night to try and plug it in and it bounces between charging and not charging for a while then settles either way. I have to keep plugging it in until finally the contact with the outlet stays and it charges through the night. Anyone else having this issue?
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    I'm in love with the little guy. I was love hate but I don't know, recently for some reason it's just been running better. I also am loving having two touchstones. One for the car and the other for the home, with stereo bluetooth that I installed in my car just for the little guy. Being able to listen to pandora in my car while my little guy charges without having to plug anything in is killer. Oh and sometimes people use the phone to go online while I'm playing pandora in the car at the same time. Music never skips a beat. Too nice.
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