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    I tried to like this phone as it does have alot of potential. I'm just not willing to wait a year or more for any decent apps to arrive that take true advantage of the Pre's hardware. When or if Palm ever recodes the sdk to allow for openGL ES support I might become interested again.

    Honestly, are you guys satisfied with boring web-apps? People are playing Madden 2010 on the iPhone for crying-out-loud. Long story short, I'm selling my Pre next month and buying an HTC Hero. Would love to have the iPhone but AT&T is horrendous.
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    Love it other then a few quirks.
    Gets laggy sometimes.
    The battery is worse then anything I ever used.
    The creaky plastic sound and feel sometimes because the back seems to make noises when you press it.

    Everything else is excellent for me. The web experience is by far the best. I love the browser! When people see it they are amazed.
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    Love the hardware. Had it since launch day, and besides a slight oreo, it has been perfect.

    Like the software. The app limit is quite annoying, as is not being able to perform basic dumbphone functions, like text forwarding, without having to either root or perform a "tweak".

    Like the phone plan. However, a cheaper base family plan would be better. No way in hell my wife and I, both with Pre's, use 1400 minutes a month. We shared 550 minutes before this plan, and on our highest month, we barely used 250, 300 minutes tops.

    Would I do it again? Yes. But, if the IPhone was available on anything other than ATT I would have got that.
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    Love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    I also really love the drama around the device. I've found it all very entertaining. As such, I've bought into not just the device but a reality show starring Jon Rubinstein and Steve Jobs.
    +1. lol i feel the same way.

    On another note, most of the bugs that we are encountering now are either fixable thru updates(although the wait is unbearable, er... 1.2), or can be worked around thru homebrew apps.
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    I bought my Pre on Launch day, and didnt realize that i had a "defective" device until I started reading the forums. Light Leak, Oreo, about 7 dead pixels. Took it to a Sprint authorized retailer no questions asked and they called me 3 days later and said my new pre was in, i got it, and had all my profiles switched over, dialed ##786# and it gave recon: yes and the date :07282009 so i was a little disappointed that it was a refurb model but then again i have none of the previous problems. Plus the previous user, hardly used the phone too. So i'm happy with my refurb. I saw one post here within the thousands of post in which some guy said something like a refurb is better because its been looked over twice, I agree (orig manufacture date and the refurb date) Slider seems snug, no dead pixels or light leak. Just my return if you get a refurb dont be too upset, its probably in better condition than those that have came straight out of the factory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    The web experience is by far the best. I love the browser! When people see it they are amazed.
    It's basically the same browser that Apple implemented in the iPhone and iTouch several years ago. Palm pretty much ripped it off.
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    WebOS, Gmail push, homebrew, full qwerty,

    Calendar app, no wifi or bluetooth file transfer, battery life
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    Let me start by saying that this is my first please be gentle.

    The longer I have my Pre, the more I love it! I am a Blackberry user from years back, and there is no comparison! The only area where my Blackberry Bold comes out ahead is that the Bold has the best keyboard on the market. The Pre keyboard frustrated me initially, but now that I am used to it, I do not notice it anymore, and I am almost as proficient on my Pre as I am on the Bold.

    The OS is definitely the biggest win for the Pre. It is leaps and bounds better than anything else out there (I am looking at you iPhone...). The initial lack of apps also was a drag, but KUDOS to the homebrew community for filling in the gaps. The phone lacks several features from being truly great (no need to mention those...been discussed to death in many other forums), but overall this phone gives me everything I was wanting in a phone. The Blackberry was too *corporate*, the iPhone lacked a physical keyboard and was tied to the AT&T network (who I have on my Bold...and will not use EVER if another option exists...), and the Android phones lacked the polish I was looking for. The Pre fit me perfectly, as it was a great blend of work/play, had a usable keyboard, offered the apps I cared about, and included a decent camera to boot. I realize that this phone is not a fit for everyone. My wife hates it because she is intimidated by the features. My iPhone friends keep bringing up the lack of apps (but who really needs another farting app anyway...), and the BB minions shun anything not RIM. So for those who are on the fence...I strongly encourage this phone. Each update gets it a little closer to nirvana.
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    very satisfied and very impressed with the pre community.
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    I bought 4 phones in 2 months (4th being the pre). I had the centro and I thought I would try something new so I 1st bought a BB pearl (didn't have enough internal memory). Next I bought a BB curve which I thought was ok but still didn't really understand why all the hype about BB (trackball didn't seem any better than having to hold bottom of center ring down on centro to scroll down). The 3rd phone I got was a treo pro which I did like it was like a nice centro just with winmo, Then the pre came out. I couldn't resist the pre because looked and operated so different from any other phone and it was a palm and I really liked my centro (plus looks so cool). I love my pre and expect things to only get better. I no longer care what phones come out I want to keep my pre. I do wish if they come out with a pre 2 that it will have a micro SD card though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ms_Kady View Post
    For those of you who have had your Pre for 30 days or more now. All opinions are welcome.

    As for myself, I've had it for just over 30 days and have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it's functionality and potential capabilities, however it's greatly offset with negatives such as inconsistent charging, flimsy hardware (loose slider) and other things.
    Turn this into a poll and give it a 1 thru 10 for choices if possible..

    I would in its current state give it an 8.25 / 10 why because it has potential. I love the gesture area, it almost feels like I couldn't use another cell phone because it lack's this very feature (huge points) but I also used the video recording on my other cell's a lot and many other features need to make it on the os updates of the future and quickly....

    Lastly, I think web os is great and palm's form factor is excellent, but the home screen / page on the phone seems bare. I like Moto blur's UI on the android (kind of a little to clustered) I guess what I'm saying is scrollable widgets would be excellent (imagine widgets you customize from left to right on your home screen) now were talking personality... Unlike those damn Palm Pre commercials ....ugg

    speaking of widgets, is this possible? Could we see this officially?
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    I really like it alot...WebOs is the best OS IMO.
    My only 2 issues are the loose slider and slow performance.
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    Bought mine launch day morning and still very happy with it. I'd really like to see WebOS developed further so we can realize its full potential.
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    Honestly Im torn between it being my favorite phone so far and the one I hate the most! The slider is getting very loose. I know thats something that many people have mentioned and it doesnt feel like its about to crumble into a pile of plastic in my hand so Im ok with it...for now. The apps that are out (and thank you to those who have far more talent than I do and can create them!) are for the most part A+ in my eyes. Loving the newer stuff and the updates to the older ones are a huge plus. My service SUCKS at home. My Centro had good but not great service at home as does my husbands Centro but with the Pre Im roaming at best and even then Im missing a lot of calls. That makes me very unhappy since we dont have a house phone. My main issue and I know many people will say its a non-issue but really for me its a big one is the fact that I cant use Mundu IM (they claim they are working on it) or at least have Yahoo integrated into the IM program. Hell I would settle for MSN! I dont use AOL or Google and while the Yahoo web app is a nice addition it doesnt give me the notification I am used to with Mundu or even Sprint IM that was on the Centro. Why isnt that available yet for the Palm? Really it should be especially since when I bought it my book clearly showed a pic of Yahoo on the phone within the IM program as many people have mentioned in the past. Sure I can log in through Yahoo mobile and get the notifications but its soooo slowwww and shotty most times. Really though that is my only true complaint. No video recorder also sucks but I didnt use it that much on the Centro so thats ok and the flash on the Pre makes up for it with some really wonderful pics so I can handle that. I did like that you could hide a contact on the Centro and password protect contacts. I didnt really use that feature but its handy for some. I also miss my Express and am hoping that will be out soon. Those are my only issues though! Add in my Yahoo or MSN and it would get an A- from me. Right now we are more at a B- level.

    Melissa in CT
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    I honestly had been looking at phones for a long time. Then, when I found out about the Pre during CES. I was so happy. Got my Pre on release only problem I have had with is when I sync my entire Exchange Inbox it starts to crash the phone. But, back to the point is now when I look at and see other phones none of them even compare. I mean their are some nice phones on the market but really the Pre just sums up all the stuff I want out of a phone at this moment. I just hope that the Apps Catalog will hit the ground running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Groovehog View Post
    It's basically the same browser that Apple implemented in the iPhone and iTouch several years ago. Palm pretty much ripped it off.
    The problem with judging the browser (and the phone itself) is that people aren't distinguishing the product from the service. These are two distinct products that we are currently forced to pair up.

    But for a more realistic comparison I'd rank things on a scale of 1-10 like this:

    iPhone - 9
    Pre - 7
    ATT - 3
    Sprint - 9

    ATT iPhone - 12
    Sprint Pre - 16

    Obviously there's a number of people out there who have an irrational anger towards certain companies, but for the most part I'd assume most people's numbers would have the Sprint Pre ranking higher than the ATT iPhone.
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    I don't fit into the post-30 day category so I may still be in too much of the 'honeymoon' stage but I already consider the device to be leaps and bounds ahead of my previous device (a HTC Mogul PPC6800 Windows Mobile).

    A few quirks annoy me on the device, Synergy is one of them. I appreciate what they are doing but to me it seems like they will always be fighting an uphill battle since they have no control on when the services they are trying to combine will change API or structure and when they do it will be Palm developers who have to play 'catch-up.' In terms of Synergy it would be nice to simply have the ability to not use it from within other services and choose the specific services - for example I like that my calendar is synced with my google account (logging into my homepage and seeing my dates automatically marked off is very nice) however if I want AIM I have no interest to have a bunch of random screen names added into my contact list and then clutter my address book, I simply want to use the messenger.

    I enjoy the openness of the Linux subsystem and the amazing homebrew community that is pushing the device as best they can already. I think the terminal app is amazing and the amount of work already put into the device into the short amount of time it has been out is quite remarkable.

    I've been attempting development on my own in the last few days and struggling, the syntax they require just seems unintuitive to me (I've always been pretty poor with web development in the past though so my personal issues may stem from there). I hope Palm releases more example code and updates their current SDK examples to show more usage of things like the accelerometer and gestures.

    Sure the app selection at this time is pretty slim (even with more then 4x the amount of software in Preware repositories then the official app store) but for me it's actually inspiring me to look into development where before I would never even considered it.

    All basic functions of the phone seem perfectly well and good to me, calls work and seem clear (although I do occasionally hear myself in conversations I've noticed), contacts, email and calendar seem perfectly fine for my basic use of them (I don't power-use any of these features, simply retreive and check email from 3 accounts every few hours, add the random birthday or date reminder to the calendar, etc etc).

    Battery life doesn't bother me, I basically had to walk around with a charger with my previous phone so this device with all its capable of (esp in terms of multitasking) is a welcome upgrade still (and I believe even still has better battery life then my previous).

    All in all I'm really liking this phone and the communities like this one that have popped up from it and since this is only my third or so post on these fourms, Hi to all from me, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me around
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    my pre rocks,and it will be even better as soon as update comes lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Got mine on Launch day. I love it. Love the form factor. Does everything I need it to do, does them well, and does much more. And I cannot imagine going to any other OS after using webOS.
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