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    I am just wondering if this may have something to do with having a bigger battery. This damn "phone offline" thing is extremely inconvenient when you want to use a phone for what it was meant to be know, texting and making phone calls. It just happened to me a 3rd time within a weeks time span. The first time around I was in the middle of a phone call in an area with good reception when all of a sudden it dropped the call. I tried to call back, but then noticed how painfully slow the phone app was, and I mean CRAWLING slow! That's when I saw the Phone offline message where usually the word Sprint resides. Anyhow, on saturday it happened again. I tried to restart the phone, but that led to another problem, the phone stayed on the Palm screen without the Palm blinking, meaning it won't start up. I pulled the battery and left it out for 20 mins. After that the phone finally worked again, but in the process, I lost all my bookmarks in the browser. Also, when I went to the Email app it asked me if I wanted to set up another Email current ones were there though.

    Hmm....what's causing this Phone offline mess? Is it Sprint messing with the towers? Is it a hardware bug in the phone? Is it a software bug (I hope so, and I hope it will be resolved in 1.2), or is a side effect of having a bigger battery?

    So those of you who had the same issue, please include whether you have a bigger battery installed or not. If someone with the stock Palm battery had the same issue, then I'll feel better that me beloved Seidio 2600 is not to blame!
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    I have experienced this problem many times. After some research I found several posts here and elsewhere with several possible causes and solutions. What worked for me was removing my Exchange email account. The suggested cause from another poster was receiving a meeting request with an attachment. Not sure if that was really the cause but removing the account did solve it for me. Curiously, this problem only occurs on Sundays for me. After a few days I can re-add the Exchange account and all is well...until the next Sunday. Other people with Pre's at my office have not encountered the same issue (one is on the same Exchange server, the other is not).
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    Wow this is odd, I haven't really experienced the phone going offline on its own. Except sometimes when I start up Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    Wow this is odd, I haven't really experienced the phone going offline on its own. Except sometimes when I start up Preware.
    I see the same, periodically when loading Preware it will finish and then have that message pop up saying the ipkg package feed thing isn't running or something. Then i see the phone is offline. i close Preware, wait a while (during which time the phone is REALLY slow). The phone comes back online and everything then works fine again (not slow anymore). Then I load Preware and it works fine. I've updated to 0.8.9 this morning, and Preware is all up-to-date too. Strange....
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    @ Manny, to answer your original question, I do not have a bigger battery and I have never had a 'phone offline' message. I've had my pre for over a month now.
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    I experience the "Phone Offline" out of the blue quite often, Using original battery. Usually have to soft reset to get it back online
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    I've never seen the "phone offline". Original battery, launch day Pre.
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    my phone does that, and the way i fix it is put it into airplane mode and then turn airplane mode off, i have a bigger battery.
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    I have not had that issue. I'm using a slightly bigger battery (the 1350), and my phone does not pull in emails or IMs.

    Once I had an issue where I could not get a signal in an area that I knew I could. A soft reset worked for me. Oddly enough, the clock was wrong by several hours as well.

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    Regular battery. This actually just happened to me while I was on a phone call. I'm in a pseudo low reception area and was listening to a conference call on a BT headset. Call was dropped. But then the phone was online again and I could dial back in. Totally weird, first time this has happened to me.
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    Happened to me once while messing with tweeks and stuff.

    Hasn't happened since i removed Preware (use Preload now).
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    Interesting. It has happened to me several times, always with my Seidio 1350 battery and when it was plugged in and "charging." I thought it was my Seidio charger that only works intermittently with the Pre. I have a thread about it in the accessories forum.

    Maybe it is related to the battery?

    btw, airplane mode and resets do nothing for me. I have to pull the battery when it happens.
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    I just used WebOS quick install to enable/disable some tweaks on my pre. Now it says 'Phone Offline' every few minutes. Anyone have a similar problem or a solution??

    EDIT: Just took it off DevMode. Seems to be working fine again.
  14.    #14 we established that it does happen to Pres with Palm battery as well, to me that's good news.

    I noticed one other thing. When I pulled my battery out for about 20 mins, not only did the bookmarks disappear and the email app asked me if I wanted to set up a new email account, but also, all the people I put into the Photo Dialer app have disappeared. Someone needs to tell the developer to take a look at that....
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    I went to my local Sprint store today to see if they could do anything to fix my phone because I, too, experience the phone going "offline" among other issues. I asked the rep if it was a common problem and if he had any idea why it happens and he didn't have a clue.

    He suggested that I do a hard reset and if that doesn't work, then they will order a replacement for me.

    Has a hard reset helped anyone here?
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    I've also been having this problem. This all started Saturday morning. I had gone to bed Friday night, put my phone on the touchstone and on Saturday morning, my battery was dead. It would not detect the touchstone. I had to charge it via USB cable. Then I noticed that my phone was off line and amazingly sluggish. I took it to the store, just in time to find out that the service dept. closes 45 minutes before the rest of the store. Struggled with it the rest of Saturday night, finally got my files off of it because I was going to do a full restore. I tried the full restore with no joy, it did not restore my phone, settings, etc. The only thing it did was make it ask if I wanted to add new accounts to my email and calendar.

    The tech at the store attempted to reinstall the phone with WebOS Doctor, but it wouldn't take either. He also tried to rest the phone using the ## command (don't recall what it was, have it written down, but it's in the car..) and then using a unique code for my phone. None of it worked.

    The good news is, once I removed a bunch of homebrew apps (I wish I knew which one I removed, it was about 5 at once, including Filecoaster) the phone just started working again. It even detected the touchstone. I noticed later on this morning that it wasn't getting any data connection, except for WiFi.

    The huge thing I noticed though, with data not working but WiFi enabled, constant email coming in, twitter, many phone calls (lighting took out the company phone system and had to use my cell a lot today,) my phone lasted from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm when I finally put it on to charge and only used 60% of my battery.

    My local Sprint store has ordered me a replacement phone, it should be in tomorrow. Once I get my new phone, I would love a way to turn off data when I'm at a location (home, work, friends houses, etc.) that have WiFi. The local tech also warned me that if I have problems with the new phone and I bring it in loaded with homebrew apps, they'll not be able to help me again. Bah!
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    Had the phone offlline happen the other day. It was the first and so far only time it happened. Original battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drac0Linux View Post
    The local tech also warned me that if I have problems with the new phone and I bring it in loaded with homebrew apps, they'll not be able to help me again. Bah!
    Ooh...I'm afraid of that. That's why I didn't let the tech at the store do the hard reset on my phone today. That and...they said it would take 30 min and I didn't wanna wait that long cause I was hungry, lol.

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