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    Not every phone on my accout has a browser as nice as the one in the Pre (Sprint sells other phones than just the Pre ). Plus, if i am an in an area with a slow data connection, the main site takes a while to load.
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    I am never at home, and my job right now allows me to surf the web. Plus, I also listen to music via internet. It adds up quick..
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    Invoice period: September 12, 2009 - October 11, 2009
    Sprint Data - 977879

    Lol i think i might be on my way over the 5gb, but then i do have phone as modem as an addon on my account, so they better not do anything. This is in two days if you didn't notice
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    To clarify, the 5GB a month limit is for aircard and phone as modem plans the everything data plans are actually unlimited.
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    I know that much, but what if you have pam as an addon to an everything plan? How do they tell the difference on what you used the dat for?
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    I average around 12 GB per phone. My wife has one and I have one.
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    My billing cycle resets on Oct 5th, and I'm at 551630. I used at least 100KB yesterday while following all of the NFL Games. I'm definetly going to go over 1GB this month
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    I am going into the sprint store after work to get a pre for another line. I will ask them then to see the fine print about the "unlimited" cap.
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    271409kbs for me and i still have a week left in my cycle
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