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    I bought my Pre on Launch day, and didnt realize that i had a "defective" device until I started reading the forums. Light Leak, Oreo, about 7 dead pixels. Took it to a Sprint authorized retailer no questions asked and they called me 3 days later and said my new pre was in, i got it, and had all my profiles switched over, dialed ##786# and it gave recon: yes and the date :07282009 so i was a little disappointed that it was a refurb model but then again i have none of the previous problems. Plus the previous user, hardly used the phone too. So i'm happy with my refurb. I saw one post here within the thousands of post in which some guy said something like a refurb is better because its been looked over twice, I agree (orig manufacture date and the refurb date) Slider seems snug, no dead pixels or light leak. Just my return if you get a refurb dont be too upset, its probably in better condition than those that have came straight out of the factory.
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    I agree, I got a refurb also. Good info for people anxous about refurbs.

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