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    Hey PalmPre users,

    I'm thinking about buying the Palm Pre. According to rumours the release will be on 10-30-2009 in Germany. The only problem I see is that the Pre requires a permanent data connection! I live in Germany and travel a lot across Europe. Every country have their own wireless provider which means, that the data roaming would be expensive! What are you doign with your Pre, when you are in a foreign country? Can you turn off the data connection? Their must be a way?!!? I mean it's advertised as an business phone, their should be an option, don't you think?

    Thanks for your answers!

    PS: I wrote this thread not in the Worldwide Section, because I think you Americans have the same problem, when you travel in an foreign country! ;-)
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    Americans don't have that problem, since the CMDA phone doesn't work overseas anyway. Well, maybe in a couple of countries like Canada. But certainly not in Europe.

    To answer your question. I think there's a data off option in the webOS 1.2 update.
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    Well, according to when you're logged into your account:

    So, it may me possible if I'm understanding the "International Dialing Capability" option properly. I'd assume that would mean you'd roam like crazy, but you never know.
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    As was mentioned, the Pre has only been released in the U.S. on the Sprint CDMA network, which isn't useful in Europe. It will be released on GSM outside the U.S. first. Perhaps it will have more specific data options when it is released there.
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    When in the phone app, tap 'Sprint' in the upper left corner, then 'Preferences' in the drop down menu, then under 'Network' you have the choice to either Enable or Disable 'Data Roaming'. Right now, WiFi can be used to access the internet without incurring add'l. charges from Sprint when outside the US. Sometimes access is free, sometimes you pay, depending on the local provider of the WiFi. I found it too spotty when used recently in Asia to be of any real value. I will rent a phone next time I'm out of the US. If the Pre you are waiting for is going to be a GSM phone, then I'd think it will be more useful around Europe, but I really don't know anything at all about how that phone would look... fwiw
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    Hi Kirschbaum,

    The Pre (and other CDMA phones) can work in some countries overseas, but I think that most CDMA phones are in Asia and south america (I got service in Brazil, Mexico and Thailand so far, and had to pay waaaaay too much for it). You will have a crazy sticker shock if you use the Pre unmodded in those countries.

    If you are waiting for the ability to really use the Pre in another country, you should wait for the not yet available GSM version. That will give you the freedom to switch sim cards that you are probably used to.
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    I just got back from Buenos Aires where I was able to use the free WiFi from my hotel room just fine. The phone (calling or texting) doesn't work but I was able to access email and the internet.
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    This is kinda interesting... Brought the Pre to Canada. Added the "Canada Roaming Option" and used the pre for mainly phone & text. Data roaming is off, only turn on for quick e-mail check daily. Haven't get the bill yet, but keep checking the online "usage page" and see... almost no roaming minutes used (probably 2 mins). Some text usage (Under unlimitied -no charge). And, 15M of data roaming already ($30 charge). On the days where keeping 'data roaming' off, but using the phone, also noticed that data roaming number still keep increasing. Is the calls actually going through data roaming??? If that's the case, what's the use of "Canada Roaming Option"? since that's only for call only (data roaming price unchanged). Anyone with similar experience?

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