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    Now with the extended battery info app, what are the maximum temperatures that the palm should be run under? I was listing to a 128kpbs MP3 stream via my sprint cell connection while driving AND having the phone do a transcode from MP3 to A2DP to listen on my BlueTooth car stereo. I had left it on the dash in the shade on my touch stone to keep it topped up while driving. It would slightly charge under that circumstance, but it getting hot. I was getting a temperature of 50c. Checking the current it would average a charge rate of 50-80ma when on the touch stone, and a dischange rate of 600-700ma when not on a charger. I do know it ok to get hot, but 50c, 122F seems warm when most computers are limited to a environmental condition of 33c or 90F. I also know that the Intel I7's can hit a on chip temp max of 67c 152F. Being that the temp is normally hidden on a pre, I am not sure at what temp is too hot, or will the pre start shutting things down internally before it becomes a issue? Also the car temp/touchstone temp would start at 130-140 as it was sitting out in the hot sun here in Las Vegas, NV. It was about 100f air temp this afternoon. The A/C in the car would cool things off, but the pre stayed hot.

    That's all the raw data I have on the situation at the moment, but without a design spec on the palm, I just have no way of knowing if 50c? 60c? 70c? are ok temps or if I am getting ready to have pre BBQ (or can I add GPS to the mix?) Does anyone have the hard numbers from palm? are they buried in the SDK somewhere?

    I did read though the other posts about heat, but there were not actual temps attached to the older posts. My SUBJECTIVE opinion is it's ok for a passively cooled device. Based on how it felt it seems to run about the same temps as my older HTC touch & touch pro under similar usage. (but without the windows instability!)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Here's a good test: when you're indoors in a nice cool room, try pre on the Touchstone while running Google maps with gps on and set to my location (hit the blue dot), running Sprint TV on a live channel, and listening to your BT headphones. Let this all go for about an hour or so. That battery temp is probably about the hottest situation the Pre would be designed for.

    Then you could do this same experiment in the car, but keep in mind that the Touchstone was not necessarily designed for car use, so you'll have to keep a close eye on the temp.

    But the battery almost certainly has some safety circuitry so that it won't overheat from charging or discharging. I saw an article that indicated 60C as a max discharge temp: Electronic Design Welcome.
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    Sometimes my battery is so hot I am uncomfortable using the phone, others it doesn't seem to get warm. First time I thought I was talking to long, but have since talked just as long and it hasn't happened.

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