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    Got this Sprint flyer that says if I text Sims3 to 22123, it'll download the game to my phone. Nothing happened though. Is this only for certain phones?
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    Probabaly. Read the fine print. I got something this weekend that offered a free ringtone, but was for "compatible phones"...
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    Umm...Sims 3 on a cell phone?

    You should realize it is fake
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    iJaculate somewhere else
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    iPhone can have Sims3.
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    iphones can also have Madden...
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    I received the same thing.. I was surprised, because it seemed to know I had a Palm Pre, based on the images, and most of the content, but yeah offered that and some barcode scan thing that isn't compatible either. Yet it was even updated with the Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile info as well.
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    I got the same flyer about two weeks ago. I think its for the dumbphones only. The pre and blackberrys get their apps off the catalog on the phone.
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    I'm sure if access is given to the hardware we could have the sims 3 too. Heck, alot of iphone games would be ported, people would notice and more people would be the cheaper phone withe cheaper service and alot of potentials and services that beat other providers for the price. Native support palm....... It will bring in alot of customers and marketing potential and devs.
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    Umm...Sims 3 on a cell phone?

    You should realize it is fake
    Not a fake, there is a mobile version of Sims3 (and other games) that play on cell phones, just not the Pre.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    that is for those generic java sprint based cell phones or whatever os they run.
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    There's even a Sims 1 or 2 for PalmOS if I'm not mistaken...
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    I'm curious how the various web os screen sizes will affect game development. Not only does it break resolution uniformity but its also pretty darn small. The iphone screen already feels cramped for some titles and that thing is huge.

    Btw. Sims 3 on iphone was my worst iphone impulse buy. Very impressive but also pretty boring. I think that franchise has run its course (for me. Housewives seem to love the idea of make believe neighborhood romance simulators)

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