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    Has anyone been able to get this to work? I'm sure there is a reason it doesn't, and I'm sure most of you know and I look dumb for even asking, but can someone explain why it doesn't work if in fact it doesn't?
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    Flash support my guess
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    I won't even bother going to most video websites due to the fact that most require a .flv player.
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    i use it on my computer and i had to download some video player of their own... so its more then just flash
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    ESPN360 is also on a ISP-by-ISP basis. I know Verizon has an agreement with ESPN360, at least for the home-based internet connections, but many ISPs don't have that agreement with ESPN360 and require you to log in. If you get a login screen when you go to their site, then your ISP doesn't have an agreement with them.

    PS3s, even on ISPs that have an agreement with ESPN, also aren't able to access the 360 site (at least, mine wasn't able to yesterday). I think there might be a proprietary plugin you need, and non-PC/Macs aren't set up to handle the plugin.

    ESPN360 is one of the more annoying "services" that ESPN offers.

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