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    I read here that the current PRL is this correct? Mine says 60652. What possible issue(s) of not having current PRL? And where would you look online or here to make sure your PRL is up to date? Thanks in advance for replies. Should I do soft reset after updating?
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    Mine is 60652 also

    Edit: i finally updated with full bars and it got updated to 60653
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    I've got 60653 myself. If it won't update, try turning off Wifi. It doesn't matter too much, but it basically gives sort of a list of preferred towers or something along those lines, I believe.
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    I did read that you should update when you have the most bars etc.
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    PRL is the Preferred Roaming list. It contains a list of alternate carrier towers that Sprint is in agreement with. If you don't roam, it doesn't matter.
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    I also have 60653. I updated the PRL yesterday.
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