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    how do you get into the root. trying to install mytether and not sure how, can someone help
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    Here you go my friend. I hope this helps, it did for me:

    Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals
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    Yes... work your way slowly through that page and then at least through these "Next Steps".

    Next steps - WebOS Internals

    If you are patient and thorough, you will be successful. Its actually frightfully easy!

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    I ended up using:

    These instructions

    I found this easier as I didn't understand the next step portion of the other documentation posted above.

    Can someone explain what the difference is between the two instructions?
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    Telnet is incredibly insecure. Further, as pointed out in that thread, it leaves you wide open to the world. Anyone can log into your phone as root and read/change/wipe anything or everything.

    I'm not sure what is complex about the four commands on the "Next Steps" page.

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