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    I do agree that Best Buy is ridiculous...

    The Geek Squad actually have an ad saying that they'll hook up your PS3 for only $149...

    Sad is the price they'd charge for somethin' so simple...

    Even sadder is the fact that there are people out there that can't figure out how to plug in two pretty much self-explanatory cords and are gonna fall for this scam...
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    Quote Originally Posted by phreakish View Post
    thats because the USB doesn't charge it as fast, and supplies a lower current.

    I've never had my Pre get 'too' hot unless I have it tethering with the screen timer off for over 2 hrs... then its HOT! but I can still hold it clasped between both hands (standard test for lithium batts) so its still not TOO hot.
    Trickle charging right?
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