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    I don't have the pre yet but was curious if anone has just by passed the car adaptor and wired directely into the touchstone from a 12 volt source in the car?
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    i dont have a touchstone, but from what I understand, it is supposed to be hooked up to a 5 volt source. so you will still need to use a car charger as an intermediate between the battery and the touchstone to step the voltage down to 5 volts (and you might need a fuse.. i dont know if the car charger has one built in)
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    Yeah, I wouldn't wire 12v into it. Your car electrical system is 12v and has enough available amperage to do some serious harm.

    A simpler, and much safer alternative, would be to wire in a spare accessory port, aka cigarette lighter, up under the dash, and plug the palm charger into that to power your Pre.

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