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    Good substitute until Slingplayer arrives (hopefully it will arrive). All you need is a compatible TV Tunner and follow ALL of these instructions for setting up ORB on the Pre. Thanks deesugar!

    Once setup on your Pre:
    1) login
    2) go to TV / Webcams
    3) Program Guide
    4) Pick the channel you want to watch (do not hit the play arrow)
    5) Play Channel
    6) it will take you to a white screen - tap the screen and the stream will start to load. Here is where it gets a little buggy. Sometimes it doesn't load correctly and will give you an error message. Hit back - then hit the link in the top left corner. It will go back to loading the stream - and it usually loads properly this time (weird I know, but it even did this on my 755p).

    The video quality is a little poor (I think b/c 3GP), especially when watching sports (watched some NFL today on my Pre), but definitely watchable.

    Yes it takes some work. And, yes ORB is definitely buggy. BUT, it worked! And that's better than nothing right now (and by nothing I include Sprint TV).
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    i hope they get an orb application. i will pay for it.

    i might get sling anyways. i have new att uverse service and my box isnt in the office so i need to figure out best way to connect sling in my living room to the cable box. maybe thru wifi in my home?
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    I wouldn't pay for an application. Aside from the occasional need to pinch and zoom, setting a bookmark up to and putting it on the launcher makes it pretty much act like an application anyway.

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