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    So lately, while out and about, I've begun seeing people with Pres just like mine. Three in the past few days.

    Maybe some of you have had similar experiences but this is something fairly new to me. It's exciting to see that the Pre is becoming more widespread, even if it has yet to match the iPhone's ubiquity.

    Have any of you had similar experiences?
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    Since the Pre has been out, I've only seen one person with one. And that was over a month ago at the airport. Haven't seen another.
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    saw a dude with one on the subway yesterday. i didnt think i would ever see another one "in the wild," which to be honest is part of the appeal. so many ppl have iphones that its uncool imo
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    I saw a pilot about 2 weeks ago with one, that was the only "wild" one i've seen. I was so excited when I saw it, that was the moment i realized; I really am a nerd. My sister's boyfriend also stated someone he works with has one. So I guess they are becoming more popular. Most of my friends have at least heard of it, anyway.
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    i talked a friend into getting two ,for him and his wife ha ha. and all i did is tell how fun it is two tweak it out and stuff lol
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    saw 3 yesterday...first ones since launch...very nice to see it catching on finally.
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    The first time i saw the pre on another persons hand i was totally surprised... i was at a club and i bumped into a friend i had not seen in YEARS and he asked me for my number and i just saw the shiny palm pre i was like " oh snap i have the same phone" but he was surpised i had like 65487157 apps lol
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    I've only seen one out and about besides my own. Funny to think that i havent seen another one out there since.
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    Another guy I work with has one (had it before I did actually), but hadn't gotten into homebrew or tweaks yet... I made sure I changed that!
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    A guy I work with has it, I tried helping him out with homebrew, but he's had a bunch of troubles with it or something...anyhoots, he is waiting for the app catalog...what a shame!
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    I have seen 0 while out and about. I have 1 cousin that dropped the Pre for a G1, other cousin dropped his Centro for the Pre, and a church member (huge Apple fan) just got his Pre this week.

    My wife is looking at the Pixi.

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    I saw my first Pre owner about 1 or two months ago at the Mall or something. The next time was just a couple of weeks ago when one of our doctor's Treo died and he bought a Pre. He was concerned about it cause out of box it had a yellow distortion on the bottom of the screen and said he'll think about whether he was gonna keep it. I just ran into him the other day and asked about it and he said he exchanged it and this one was ok and he's been happy with it. He found our secret wifi connection
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    I was standing in line Thursday night to enter Heinz Field for the Steelers game using the NFL app. The guy ahead of me starting talking Pre....he uses this forum a lot and the homebrew section. Steeler fans love the Pre!
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    I was at the sprint store yesterday and while going in there was two customers outside talking about there phone. I always get questions when I am using mine. It seems to grab attention, especially when they see me swiping apps off the screen
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    I'm always on my phone in the nyc subway... Odds are it was me. Hehehe
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    I've seen 2 in the "wild" both were pilots like me while at the airport. I had to ask them how the hardware was holding up and how they liked the phone. Needless to say I went out and got mine yesterday! One more out in the wild.
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    I've seen a few Pres on my daily commute on the Red line in Chicago. I think they're a little harder to spot than iPhones since they sometimes look like other phones unless you're looking closely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disgustoid View Post
    I've seen a few Pres on my daily commute on the Red line in Chicago. I think they're a little harder to spot than iPhones since they sometimes look like other phones unless you're looking closely.
    True, I think it's the gestures that give it away though... and maybe the slider.
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    I forgot to add that I saw a character on the new Melrose Place on the CW using one in the first episode. Its like 5 mins into the show when they're in the restaurant.
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