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    I was playing with the BlockedCar app that is available for download and it suggested to me that I switch go AT&T! I'd post the image but evidently I'm not allowed to post one yet, so I attached the screenshot to this post.

    It cracked me up - Sprint should complain about that ad!
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    wow go ahead
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    This is quite hilarious. I wonder why the developer dropped that piece of code in there.
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    well here is something funny. I was playing a Ipod game the other day and the loading screen had advertisement for the palm pre. never thought I would see that. I guess sprint was a sponsor for the game.
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    its in alot of apps...
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    My local cable company Wide Open West, has a channel for watching rerun programs and Comcast has an ad on it.
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    They just subscribe to an ad feed so you will get stuff like that.
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    this developer was kicked out of iphone app store because of what i dont know, but it was in an old forum . all of his apps are copies of some that got kicked off their catalog. someone suggested not to trust him but thats on your own judgment.
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