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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    And the worse than any of that are those that complain about something that they're given for free...
    I dont care if its "free". I would rather pay a nominal fee than get bombarded with ads.

    btw: Nothing in life is free, but some things don't cost money. For me at least that is an important distinction. Getting plastered with ads is enough of an annoyance to me that the frustration outweighs any supposed benefit of a no-money app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    I am going to start placing online poker advertising in the 120,000 bible apps currently available in the catalog.
    YES! That is the PERFECT response. I wish I thought of it b4 you did.
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    Jesus doesn't even like video poker, he perfers to play live at the table
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    Lol... I would never play Jesus at Texas Hold 'em. He would make you feel guilty for bluffing.
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    because jesus was the original high stakes gambler
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbritt31 View Post
    Name calling in a Palm Pre forum? Chill out people. As for the religious advertising, it's ironic in itself to advertise a religious product in a "Gambling app". However, not allowing certain advertising space to be bought due to religious content is against the rules anyway. *sigh* oh well. I agree that a separate, paid version of this app would be a nice alternative.
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    so is your problem with adds or just jesus adds, or did you get the jesus only version?
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    the problem is they dont want to be reminded of jesus constantly .their problem is jesus is calling them out and they dont want to hear it ha ha ha ha!!!!
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    Yeah... That is the reason. Jesus is calling me out on video poker. I prefer that he call me out when I am robbing old ladies or shooting black tar heroin.
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    What's funny is that it also has an ad for a site with pictures of nekkid ladies. You can't say the developer's a goody-goody
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    The answer to the original question is:

    Because advertising in only the weather app was not enough. And the Church understands that it takes money to make money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Because the people that wrote the software sell advertising, and the people "preaching Jesus at you" paid for the advertising (which is helping bring you the software for free). It could be worse, they could be preaching erectile dysfunction solutions at you.
    ...or Viagra.
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    he is there because you need a witness
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    Quote Originally Posted by halmo20 View Post
    That's because selling Jesus is the most profitable business in mankind's history
    Business? More like scam artist.
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