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    I gave it a shot during the 1PM EST games and it was basically useless, hard to get even scores to show up - mostly getting unable to connect errors (the servers must of been getting hit with everyone trying it)

    During the 4PM games (around idk, I'd say half way into the first quarter) I was able to hop on two of the live audio feeds I tried, was pretty cool but I was only really interested in the game I had on tv for the 3pm games anyway so I didn't stick with it for any long amount of time.

    Hopefully they noticed their servers being pounded and demand being larger then they expected and will have adjusted for tonight's games and next week. Sure it was a poor run and it felt like a slap in the face watching a commercial with the Pre with the NFL app and not being able to use it but give them time to adjust the season has just started and they really offer quite a decent bit of nice content on the app (personally I love the 'dont miss plays' for showing friends replays of stuff I planned to tell them anyway that they may have missed)
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    The funny thing is that durinf games they kept advertising the NFL app and the pre saying "x number of people are listening to NFL games live right now," it shoul have said "x number of people are trying to listen to NFL games live right now but aren't able to and instead getting really pissed off"
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    Quote Originally Posted by patchs View Post
    Phins-Falcs radio is back.
    Maybe Sprint is reading this board?
    Or maybe just an overall lack of interest in that game?
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    Has anyone had any luck tracking their fantasy team using the NFL app? I would like to be able to use this feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theturle View Post
    Has anyone had any luck tracking their fantasy team using the NFL app? I would like to be able to use this feature.
    Which league are you trying to track? ESPN? Yahoo?
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    I had 0 problems with the dolphins audio and the niners after that
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    I loved how I got the final score SMS from yesterday's (1:00) 'Skins game today at 4-something PM!
    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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    I had problems geting the app at all yesterday--couldn't even get to the part that had the option of listening to the radio, but tonight, it is working perfectly as I listen to NE Radio.

    Sure hope we get an NBA App like this--& it works.

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