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    I got my Pre about a month ago and my reception blows, I had the Mogul before and the reception worked alot better. Did anybody else have a problem with their reception. If so how did you fix that problem?
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    The reception on it does indeed blow. I got sprint to send me an airrave (still waiting on it to arive) for home. Solves most of my problems. If you are in an area with poor sprint coverage, but good verizon (roaming) there is a have to force your phone to roam.
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    the pre gets slightly better reception than a tin can and string. but the rest of it kick a$$
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    My experience has been that the reception is slightly worse than my previous phone, but I wouldn't go as far as "blows". Of course a lot depends on where you are and how good the Sprint coverage is to begin with.

    The other variable here is that I believe the "bars" indicator is a lot more realistic on the Pre. Previously I could have 1 or 2 bars and still have problems. On the Pre if I have any bars at all (or sometimes even none) the calls still seem to work OK

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