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    Do any of you guys have small dust particles or hairs under your screens? And no I'm not talking about the calibration dots lol. There's only a really small one of the right side of the screen, but it doesn't bother me too much so I guess I'll live with it.
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    Do you have a skin on your Pre? I can't see any way for dust to get under the actual screen... Was it there when you bought it? Are you sure it isn't a tiny crack?
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    Hmmmm it may be a tiny crack idk but no it wasn't there until yesterday.
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    I have the same thing going on with mine. I thought it was under my screen i removed it and it was actually under the touchscreen. I can see it when the screen is off and when it is on. And no, its not the touchscreen dots, it does looks metallic like them when the phone is off and when I have a white screen up it looks like a dust spec. Its also RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my screen...lame.

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