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    Maybe this is a silly question. But I'm rather enamored by the matte-finish back battery cover that comes with the touchstone kit. I think it looks classier, won't hold fingerprints, and would provide me a better grip on the phone. But I really have no interest in the touchstone charger, itself. I know you can buy them separately. Is there any reason why I couldn't just buy the back cover and continue charging it in the traditional way?

    (I plan on buying the Amzer 1400mAh extended battery as well, if that makes a difference).

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    Using the touchstone back and charging it normally won't cause you any issues - I say go for it.
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    You sure can! Just charge it as you were 
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    Buy the touchstone, keep the back, and sell me the charger and cable. Or Ill sell you the back.
    PM me if interested.
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    I did just that, the original back cover was way to slick so what I ordered was the touchstone back cover only. The phone now has a much nicer feel and grip to it.

    The cost of the touchstone back cover is $19. Still WAY over priced in my opinion. I base this on back covers for other smartphones can be had for aprx $5.

    Don't waste your money on cases or silicon covers, I tried them all and was disappointed.
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    The seideo innocase has the feel of the touchstone and will protect your investment. Check the reviews
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    I felt the same way and asked the woman in the sprint store if they had any extras lying around. Oh well...I will try to buy one separately as well

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