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    Hey everyone love my pre of course hate the battery life like everyone else, I just wanted advice from everyone one if I should go ahead and buy the touchstone chargers for my girlfriend and I or just wait if price goes down lower. I have the seidio innocase on both phones. Any thoughts???
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    if you don't have anything better to do with your money in this "recession", then go ahead and buy it.....Honestly, i don't see any reason to buy it now it's still expensive. To me it's not a necessity, but a luxury......But the final decision is yours...hope you make the right one.
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    50 isnt a bad price considering most charges alone are 29.99 - 39.99, and face plates/ battery covers for precentral charging 49.99 out the door = PRICELESS
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    I resisted at first, but once I bought one, I realized just how great it is. I now have one for home and one for work, and I use Slipslide to have a constantly changing slideshow when it's on my desk at work.
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    To Me the touchstone has been the best accessory for any phone i've bought. I'm going to buy a second one for my house as soon as i get the chance. Its not like i'm rolling in dough either. The ease of use for the vehicle is the best ever.
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    me to, home and is great.
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    I think it's worth it. The charge port on the Pre is a little iffy in my opinion. I was so uncomfortable removing that little door, it looks and feels like it's so easy to snap off. Touchstone is nice for a few reasons. First of which is, it's just cool! It's nice to show it off to people and it's really a unique toy. It's also functional. Your Pre will be sitting upright in either landscape or portrait mode which is nice for when you get a text message. You can easily read it and slide the phone open to respond while it's charging. It's also convenient. It's nice to come home, set the Pre on the touchstone base and let it do it's thing. When it's time to go just grab it and run! And my favorite thing about Touchstone is the battery cover you get. It feels really good in your hand, collects far less finger prints than the stock door, feels more sturdy and doesn't make any funny creaking noises, and it seems to have actually solved my "Pre shuts off when shut" issue.

    At the end of the day all those reasons are merely luxury as Dabigappledadon had said. If it sounds like that's worth your $70 then do it.
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    from what i have read its either you love it or you find it a unnecessary waste of money. wait a few days and see if you still want it most of the time it's a passing obsession for gadgets.
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    i luv gadgets but i dont ever use mine.. it was a waste..
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    I bought a car charger and an extra usb cable for charging the pre from my work laptop. I haven't had a need for a touchstone. I have to admit it's a cool accessory though.
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    I bought two of them.................and returned both
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersie View Post
    i luv gadgets but i dont ever use mine.. it was a waste..

    If you never use it, you could easily sell it for 80-90% of what you paid for it.

    In fact, if you bought it for $50 from precentral you could probably sell it for a profit on ebay since they are $69.99 everywhere else.
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    I love my touchstone. Gona get a second one for the office! The back cover for the touchstone is far superior to the stock cover in my opinion.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersie View Post
    i luv gadgets but i dont ever use mine.. it was a waste..
    I'll buy your, Touchstone (you can keep the back) for $25 shipped!

    And to the OP, I wouldnt have bought it at $70. But I had a Best Buy gift card and that justified it. Now that I have it, its definitely a luxury item that I find VERY useful! I keep my only puck at work, and charge my Pre at home the traditional way. The difference is basically the convenience, but it gets addicting. Its almost like reheating your food in an oven vs a microwave...its just faster to just plop it down on the Touchstone.
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    I think the Touchstone is fantastic, well worth the money IMO. Battery life is an issue, the USB port is not very convenient. I think that being able to wirelessly charge the Pre with the inductive charger may be one of the coolest features of the phone. Also turns your Pre into an attractive desk clock, and answers in speaker phone mode when on the Touchstone ... very cool for a work desk.
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    Got mine free so I can't complain. Awesome concept and design. Dont think I would have paid 70 for it though. The back is dedinetly worth it though.

    Just wish I could turn off the clock screensaver. It wakes me up sometimes
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    wow thanks guys for all your replies!! For those of you who returned it or never used after buying what were your reasons?? Also I have the seidio innocase and dont want to mod it with the magnets will it still stay on ok??
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    I have 3 of them. Yes 3 of them. I love the Touchstone. One next to my recliner, one in next to my bed and one I take to work with me. This has got to be the best cell phone accesory ever. Personally I really don't like having to mess with charging cover at all. So I have all situations covered. I am just trying to figure out were to put one in my car right now. If any body has a suggestion for a 2004 Ford Taurus I would love to hear from you. So back to your question, YES. Buy one, buy two. You won't regret it, more than well worth it. I hope this helps.
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    With the current battery life it's definitely worth it. Never think about charging again!
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    To me it would be worth it if it also works with the Pre2. Since the Pixi is compatible, that is a good sign.

    I guess this is like the Hotsync cradle for the 21st century, except now instead of needing to constantly sync your device you need to constantly charge it.
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