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    LOL, it wasn't my primary phone I was just giving it a shot. And the sales rep who spent 1/2 hour showing the phone to me told me that was one of the draw backs to the phone. When I brought it back that was my only complaint and he agreed and said they had a fix coming for in in a couple of months, so I checked on the forum here.

    I didn't take the time to read the user manual because everything was pretty straight forward and easy to find and use otherwise.

    I never considered the guy who claimed to be the "Pre Expert" would lead me down that path. He was either stupid or was laughing as I left the store. But being that I'm currently with Verizon and he stood to make a few $$ well you decide
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    sales reps get paid commission most cell phone stores. The only lies hes likely to tell are ones that make the phone seem even cooler than it is, not deter you from buying it. He was likely not the "expert" he claimed to be.
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