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    Well I have not seen a gears of war theme yet and please dont flame me lol It is my very first attempt at a dial pad/background. Hope you guys like it. If you change anything repost on this thread so I can see some of your mods with my theme. If someone could please explain to me how I can change the damn phone icon on the dialpad that would be great cuz it kills the theme lol.

    Dial Pad with numbers

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    I am a huge gears fan, I think the COG symbol is friggin amazing to be honest...anyways, I love the idea, but anyway you can reverse your colors and make the COG crimson and the numbers dingy grey/white like the COG symbol? Oh ya, maybe change the color on the phone button to match the crimson color your choose....

    I'm no graphic designer and I'm not flaming, just asking for a mile when you gave me an inch...sorry....
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    Actually if you check my other posts I switched the dial pad and am trying to completely theme the pre gears style. Yes your ideas are great and no need for apologies. Check out my other posts tell me what you think ok. Constructive criticism is fine with me.

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