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    Can anyone help me please. I am looking for the WBBM feed for the Bears game tomorrow. I know the nfl app is supposed to work, but I dont trust it. I used to listen to the Bears using kinoma on my 755 but that page seems to need java...

    Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
    Its always interesting on Twitter @joelb
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    Try this site. Look at the button in the upper right to start the stream...

    WBBM 780 - Chicago's #1 source for local news, traffic and weather - WBBM New Chicago Bears Page
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    That site is looking for a flash plugin...
    Its always interesting on Twitter @joelb
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    Who is Chicago playing?...check the station of their opponent. I have checked into a lot of that stuff myself recently and will surely pass the word on. There are some decent Podcast though. has links to some podcast. Other than that I have googled for podcast related to my team...GO DOLPHINS!!!
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    The Bears are playing the Packers! I will check the gb radio stations. Really got spoiled listening to the "home team" last season....
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    FreeFootballRadio-Your source for free internet football game broadcasts Just looked it up. Look for your game there. There were over a dozen stations for the bears. Hope this helps. Link is obviusly to the main just search from there.
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    Use the NFL Live app the audio worked very well for the Titan - Steeler game last thursday night.
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    Oh man, Bears vs Packers! Go Bears!
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    I wa REALLY hoping you weren't looking for a B96 stream.

    Thanks to the people who posted sources for listening to Bears games. I'll be around for tomorrow's opener against the Packers, but those links will come in really handy.
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    da Bears!
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    The NFL doesn't allow streaming, WBBM's online feed won't have the game.
    Use the NFL app, if it ever works.

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