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    hey guys,

    for some reason, although i have my email set to "as they arrive," my email notifications are sometimes very delayed (especially when the phone is idle). on gmail, i eventually get them, maybe some 10-15 minutes later, but on a yahoo account (sister's pre), she doesnt get notified at all. i notice this mostly at home, where im on a consistent wifi connection.

    does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? sorry if this has been covered, i havent been able to find a thread for this particular topic.
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    I've had the same problem but mine extends to voice mail and sms also. I have excellent coverage but when the phone is idle for an extended period seems to be when I have the problem.

    I've had two different phones and the same issue on both. The store tried turning off the roaming feature and put it on "Sprint" only but that did nothing.
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    I'm also seeing cases where gmail isn't delivered immediately to my Pre. Sometimes a message won't come until hours later another message seems to push it out.

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