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    I did a search and couldn't find anything obviously related...

    I noticed that the speakerphone and "system sounds" volume on my Pre is really low. All the settings are turned all the way up.

    I have done various tweaking and homebrew apps, but I always read up on them first and didn't see anything about this.

    Before I start uninstalling things and resetting and whatnot, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Same here I feel that the speaker volume is VERY low. Ive been doing some searching as well since I HAD to use speaker yesterday and I could barely hear anything.
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    if u have insurance replace...have had problem and the only solution
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    My Pre also had extremely low speaker volume - once the call is connected & you're on speakerphone, try to use the volume rocker to increase the volume. It should work & the speaker volume actually gets really loud.

    I know it may sound obvious, but the speaker volume isn't coupled to the earpiece volume, and actually evaded me for a few calls until I realized it.
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    I was the speakerphone was loud like Nextels!

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