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    September 11, 2009
    Palm Pre App Catalog Is Growing With Solid Software
    By KEVIN C. TOFEL of GigaOm
    Now that our Mobilize event is over, Iím sitting at the gate in SFO waiting to head home. Iíve barely had a chance to sit in the past 24 hours, let alone catch up on any mobile tech news, so Iím doing both now. One of the first bits to cross my screen is a post from the Palm blog stating that the App Catalog just gained nine new titles. I doubt Iíll download them all, but Iíve got time to kill ó and a second battery for my phone ó so Iíll be checking out several of them.

    gDial Pro, my most oft-used app on the Pre, is now official. Thatís the ďas close to native as you can getĒ Google Voice software I use on my Pre. AccuRadio makes an appearance as well, allowing you to stream digital radio on the go. Simple Bible is what it says ó a King James Version of the Bible that offers four different font sizes. Gamers can indulge in three new titles: Video Poker, Lights Out and Checkers all make it to the official catalog. And since I get most of my news from my phones these days, Iíll probably add the new Forbes app to my handset, too. Local Concert, Currency Converter and 420 Wallpaper round out the new selections.

    Iíve used a fair number of both the official and unofficial third-party apps for the Pre by now and one thought keeps recurring in my mind. These apps are solid. What I mean is ó there was a bunch of negativity around the web when Palm said all apps would be built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. People initially equated that to the original web apps in the iPhoneís first year of existence. Having used dozens of these apps, itís clear to me that the concerns are unfounded. We might not have seen a ďkiller appĒ like the new Facebook client for the iPhone, but apps on the Palm Pre are far better than what many expected.
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    bro, you are totally driving the trolls and detractors away with good reports like this. kindly stop it. thanks.

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