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    I just got my pre here in China.And I am wondering what i can do now to unlock my phone in order to embrace the upcoming 1.2 rom.I searched and found the way to use 1.1 rom but still hesitate to do so cuz everyone here is telling you to erase all those tweaks and stuff before upgrading.
    So now i am asking for a solution ,that's is safely unlock my phone and use it now and don't apply all those tweaks. Can anyone show me the way cuz seriously i don't know what are the so-called tweaks are .I am afraid when following those instructions about unlocking ,i will accidentally put some of those Tweaks in. Since here in China you have to use some help from those insiders(in CHINA TELECOM) to change something for u.
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    Unfortunately, you're pretty much treading in uncharted waters.

    Personally, I would wait until after it comes out, and then wait for someone else to do it successfully before attempting the update.
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    thank u .so that means i cant even use the 1.1 rom now??

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