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    Anyone run into this?

    I press the web icon and nothing. It highlights but doesnt do anything. If there is a link in an email it doesnt launch either when pressed. Again just highlights and nothing.

    Soft reset does nothing, and I can remeber anything specific i did today to cause it.

    I used the quick install tool to turn on and then off the 5 row icons but other than that everything was normal.

    Id this a known bug or did it happen to anyone else?
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    partial erase and problem is still there.

    Full erase and problem is still there.

    I guess its off to Sprint tomorow......maybe 4th time will be the charm.
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    You should try WebOS Doctor first. That will almost certainly clear it up. It's very unlikely to be a hardware problem.
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    I had this problem too. It started after I installed the WebOS quick install and played with the "Tweak Your Device" area. I had checked the "download in browser" option. I unchecked that and the web worked again. What's weird is we have 2 Pre's in the house and the problem only happened on one of them.
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    The download in browser causes this and if you check the text forwarding option. I notice the text icon won't work.
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    It is definitely related to "tweaking" your device, or trying to install an App that requires root access to the OS without actually "rooting" your Pre. WebOs Doctor will fix this.
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    All you have to do is go back into tweaks and uncheck the box for downloading in browser
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    Quote Originally Posted by THETRUTH View Post
    All you have to do is go back into tweaks and uncheck the box for downloading in browser
    Yes and no. The one time I had to use WebOs Doctor, I couldn't get tweaks to remove. Might be something elsee going on, but for sure WebOs Doctor will fix the OP issue.

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