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    I got this problem yesterday.. in the UK i havent used headphones on mine, I just switched it off and on again .. and hey presto it was ok , Why i have no idea...
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    For the record my Pre (O2 UK) just did the same thing.

    I've tried a couple of resets but no luck yet.

    I had been using dr Podder to listen to a podcast at lunchtime. I'll have to try a few headphone in out tricks but failing that it's off to the O2 shop

    EDIT: Another reboot and fiddling round with speaker mode while on voicemail seems to have fixed it Clearly there is some problem with the software detection of headphone removal but it is worrying that a simple reboot doesn't fix it.
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    i had the same problem, i took it into a tech support sprint store and they looked at it right way. They said i had a sticky speaker and they fixed it right away, free of charge because of my insurance.
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    i have had this issue.. where it seems the phone goes to mute or something where i cant hear anything.. then all of a sudden i can.. very irritating..
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    Went to the Sprint store at lunch today to report the problem and possibly trade my Pre for a new one. But, of course, as soon as I pull out the headset to show the clerk I get no sound, IT WORKS. I fooled with the thing for a good while this morning to no avail. So, if you're still having this problem, just take it to Sprint
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    This happened to me today.
    Listening to pandora via headphones. Audio
    Got in car, linked to car via bluetooth, removed headphones. No Audio
    Rebooted phone. No audio
    Rebooted recieve. No Audio
    Placed phone on touchstone. No Audio
    Flipped ring/vibrate switch to ring. Got charging tones
    Tried to make a call, no earpice audio, but speakerphone audio.
    Plugged in headset. Headset audio.
    Unplugged headset. Earpiece audio.
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    The Palm support forum has two recommendations:

    1. Plug and unplug.

    2. Clean the jack.

    I used a cotton tip swab (a very small "Q-tip" type swab I got from a dollar store) to clean the headphone jack and that has fixed the problem for me.

    Palm Support : Can't hear audio through Treo smartphone's speaker or headset
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    ok ***. This just happened to me. Sometimes I hear something, but it will eventually pop out and I'll hear nothing, or an extremely low volume. Only happened after 1.4. Very very frustrating!
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    I tried plugging and unplugging my headset multiple times and couldn't get it to work. Took it to Verizon for a look and they said there's a pin in the jack that can get stuck, thus leaving the phone in headset mode (even though the phone itself obviously recognizes that the headset it out because the volume changes when I unplug it). They said the same issue happens to blackberry.

    Anyways, i "cleaned" it by shoving a piece of a napkin down with a paper clip (not ideal) and something seemed to have worked for the time being.

    Has anyone who has gotten a replacement noticed the same issue with the replacement? Wondering if I should even bother...
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    Make sure they don't have tape over the mics!
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    OMG, this is seriously one of the most hilarious threads on the forum; so many various and creative solutions! I guess we're nothing if not persistent! Reading through this thread really cracked my s--- up.

    Moving on, I too had this problem and just fixed it using a mash-up of different solutions. Here was my process: plug headphones > play music app > slowly unplug > pause app > toss app > call voicemail > switch to speakerphone > switch back. Viola!

    So... the basic consensus is: fiddle with it. If that doesn't work... fiddle with it some more. If that doesn't work, grab a small, cotton/tissue tipped object and fiddle with it with said object. If that doesn't work, take it to Sprint and have them fiddle with it.

    Great thread, truly an oldie but a goodie. Happy fiddling!
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    Try recording and video and then play it.....the sounds started coming out the speaker and then i was able to hear my calls again

    hope this helps
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    i had this problem 2 times. first time i restart my pre, so the problem was gone. the seccond time i changed to speaker. and back, and then it was fixed again. I'm not sure if it is a hardware issue or just software.
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    This happened to me while on a phone call with my headphones plugged in.

    When I tried to make a call, I did not hear any sounds dialing the dial pad.
    Once connected, I did not hear the person's voice on the other end of the call. My phone app was silent but it was working because I could see the call duration in seconds ticking away.

    So, I tried the tip suggested here about re-plug, open pandora, listen to a song (for a few seconds) then unplug the headphone, and close the pandora app. And, it worked!!!

    I even heard dialing sounds on the dial pad again. Hooray!!!

    Anyway, does anyone here know if there is an app that will do this procedure painlessly without any of us getting injured? Thanks gang :.)
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    same issue here, none of those tricks worked. i'm getting pretty fed up with this failpre.
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    Someone has developed an app called "The Ghastly Headset" that is supposed to help fix that problem, but I haven't tried it.

    You might do a search of the forums.....
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    jjeff beat me to it, but here's the link. Works gr8 for me. Just d/l the app, install it via your fav homebrew install method and watch the signal on it change as you plug & unplug headphones. If it's really stuck, there may be some lint or such in there you need to get out with a toothpick. A little WD40 worked for me once when it was being obstinate. Put the WD40 on the headphone plug in end, not into the phone. It IS a hardware/design issue and a replacement(I am on my 2nd Pre due to losing one) will NOT solve it. Both phones had the issue. The jack is just crappily built.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niospecv View Post
    So all of the sudden when I make or accept calls I can't hear the person on the other end. The only way I can hear the person is if I use headphones with a built in microphone or in speakerphone mode. This sucks donkey balls and I'm livid. I made an appointment for tomorrow to see if those morons can fix my phone. Any of you guys heard of this or have experienced this?
    Same thing happened to me, I eventually had to turn the phone in for repair. Awaiting a replacement now. I tried every trouble shoot known, with no results.
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    This is old news but this happned to me yesterday. Finally got i workin by usig some of th above methods and thn knocking the phone upside down on a gagazine on my desk. Sucks, I hope Sprit gets the Pre 3, and I hope this issuehas been fixed.
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