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    I have been travelling these past few days. ANd I made a few discoveries regarding time zone support.

    Turn off network time in the Date/Time app.

    THen set the time zone where you at.

    Now what this will do is to change ALL your appointments times adjusted to the TIME ZONE you selected ON YOUR DEVICE. And then every NEW appointment you put in will be put in the selected Time Zone.

    However, once you check back in to your HOME time zone, or look at it on your GOogle Calendar, those NEW appointments will be in the appropriate time equivalent to the time zone you put that NEW appointment in.

    SO there appears to be time zone support somewhat.
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    It gets a little tricky if you need to enter an appointment while you're out of town for later on when you'll be back. You have to enter it for the time it would occur for your current time zone.

    It would be nice to have a simple pull down for time zone in the calendar appointment screen.

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