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    Just got my Pre a few days ago and didn't notice anything at first. Got a touchstone yesterday and today the back of the device (behind the logo) is very hot after I'm in email for about 15 mins.

    Note this has nothing to do with charging - the phone is off (cold) before use. (I know the touchstone heats it up while charging.)

    Is this normal with the touchstone back? Maybe nothing to do with the new back cover?

    It isn't burning hot, but disturbingly warm.
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    Ya, it is normal... with any cover. It did on all my Pre's when I was web browsing or emailing.
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    Mine usually gets pretty hot when I run Pandora.
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    Mine gets hot after being on Touchstone. So much so that my gestures are getting stuck on the screen. I believe it is the heat bleeding through from the charging back to the front of the phone.

    Also gets hot with a lot of network activity like streaming video.
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    Thx for the feedback. Does the original Pre back cover get as hot or is it mainly due to the touchstone back? (I swear I didn't notice the heat with the original back.)
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    that's odd your pre gets hot when running programs ie pandora because mined doesn't. It usually gets hot when on the phone after 20mins or so. Also when using the touchstone and wall charging
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