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    I moved from the 800w, don't miss it at all now... Initially loved my podcasting app on WM but DrPodder on homebrew really rocks.

    I'd do it, unless there is a key app you know you are going to miss.
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    So far so good, is there a file explorer that I can't find?

    I dumped all my music in the main directory, but the music player found them.

    The Pre is not recoginizing some video that I brought over from the 800w, assume that may be some formats the Pre doesn't recognize.

    So far so good, the screen is awsome and my $200 Shure ear buds work great. My biggest problem with the 800w was no 3.5 or 2.5 pin.

    The guys over on the 800w site really improved that phone, hope many are here?

    By the way my 2 800w batteries work great on the Pre. The Sprint guy gave me 2 extra batteries when I bought the phone, now I have 5 batteries. Other than changing batteries I could send power to the grid. :-)

    Got the Touchstone kit too, very cool.

    Worried about screen protector due to design, any thoughts.

    I have no idea how it happened, but I moved a CSV file using USB and the contact application picked it up automatically. I thought that was going to be an effort. Very cool.

    Glad to be here, the 800w with all the hacks was good, but the Pre is awesome.

    Clie>Treo 600p> Treo 650p>Treo 755p>Treo 800w>Palm Pre
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    I just switched too and the big thing I find myself really missing is the center selector button. I keep wanting to hit the little button at the bottom middle of the Pre to move the cursor around to more easily select small links or to go to the middle to word to fix my poor typing.
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    Ordered, get it back in a few days after I get to know my new toy, cheers!
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    You are so right, one of the minor things I don't like, think with time I will get used to Pre keyboard and hopefully non issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    There is only ONE thing you will miss about the Treo 800w.... It has one of the MOST AMAZING keyboards I've ever used on a phone. It's a shame Palm didn't use it for the Pre or Pixie.
    Clie>Treo 600p> Treo 650p>Treo 755p>Treo 800w>Palm Pre
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