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    So....I'm sitting here with the Pre doing nada and I suddenly see the message "Updating event data" on the bottom of the screen. There was a muscial note to the left of it. Didn't have Accuradio, Pandora or anything else running. I *DO* have EAS so my Pre is always syncing with my Outlook, but I've never seen this and I've had it since day 1. Or the day before day 1 to be exact.

    BTW, I have a buttload of Homebrew apps on board.



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    I think this is from the Local Concerts app that made it to the catalog yesterday. I downloaded it too but it never got off the "loading" screen so I deleted it.

    From the ten programs added to the catalog yesterday, I also downloaded gDial Pro. Today I've noticed significantly reduced battery life, so I deleted the concert app (given it never worked) and I put gDial Pro background updates back to "manual."

    Did you get either of these two apps? Notice any battery life hit?


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