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    i am having problems installing webOS Doctor on my PC...
    i am running windows 7 pro 64bit... could that be why???...
    please help me i want to install webOS QuickInstall so i can get Homebrew Apps... PLEASE HELP ME!!!... I am stuck at the screen that says

    "Connect your phone directly to your computer with your USB cable.

    Do not remove the battery or disconnect your phone during this process."

    should I plug in the USB before i start the process or after the above screen pops up... PLEASE HELP!!! i'd love to start using homebrew'd apps
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    DON'T run the webosdoc, just download it. That's all you have to do.
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    You might get a faster response in the Homebrew forum:

    Web OS Quick Install
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    thnx i solved the problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by xxunknown321 View Post
    thnx i solved the problem
    Planning on keeping the solution a secret?

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