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    I was trying to do an update on my phone and there it was. Stuck on the load screen PALM. I have tried running the doctor and nothing. I wont get past the connect your phone screen, The next button will not work. Any suggestions???
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    Have a look around but I believe you may need to hold down the volume up at some point in the process (power on? usb plug in?) to force it the enumerate correctly in some very bad lockup situations.

    I'm sure someone who has been there before will respond with useful details but I just wanted to give you a quick message so you didn't worry that your phone was irrecoverably bricked.

    Update: The operation in question (jhoff) from seems to be:

    First, you'll need to download the .jar and you'll need Java 1.6 installed. Then turn off your Pre, and hold down the volume up button while plugging in the USB cable. You'll see a giant USB symbol on the screen. You can then run webOS Doctor (a .jar is an executable Java program) and it'll update your Pre to webOS 1.2.

    See the message for more cautions about updating to WebOS

    Update #2: Using a permalink to the message seems to be broken (sigh!). Try cutting and pasting into your browser
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